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I lift up my eyes to the mountains where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. - PSALM 121 : 1-2

  • To maintain an orphan child, it's costing us per month $100 dollars
  • To support a pastor's family it's costing us $175 dollars
  • We require sewing machines for poor and needy ladies and widows; it's costing us $150 dollars.
  • We require push bikes for poor pastors to spread the good news of Christ in remote areas, each push bike costs us $100 dollars.
  • We require bore wells in drought villages: its costing 1100 dollars each bore well.
  • We require mega sound systems for pastors, each one costing us $150 dollars.
  • To provide Try-Rickshaws to handicapped people, it's costing $170 dollars.
  • To provide business truck rickshaws to poor and needy flintily it's costing us $350 dollars.
  • To provide a business Tri-Rickshaw to a handicapped person costs us $200 dollars.
  • To conduct free eye medical camps every month to poor and needy people costs us $1500 to $2000 dollars
  • We would like to conduct 7 month's sewing Centre courses, each one costing $ 900 to 1200 dollars.
  • At satellite city children's home, the children need double bunk beds and mattresses to sleep on, a double bunk bed costs $250 and a mattress costs $50 dollars.
  • At Rajahmundry the Bible College / church building and the recent sub project of a house there for Pastor k. Kumarbaba Joseph and jyothi kumara is all still under construction. Presently the work is pending due to a lack of sufficient funds. Still we require another $17500 dollars to complete the entire project.
  • To build a chapel at Kakinada state children's home still we need other $11,000 dollars. This church building is great handy for 16 tribal villages to have worship service on Sunday and also rest of the days the children are going to have chapel services etc....
  • To start a prawn business to generate money and look after many orphans, widows and or families, it's cost us $200,000, If interested this money could be paid as instalments.
  • Christian bible church ministry need a vehicle for Gospel Outreach and to visiting children homes and ministry work.
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"Do whatever He tells you" - John 2 :5